Monthly Archives: October 2014

AGA-SCALEFACTOR05 Previously a resident at The Guesthouse, Polish artist Aga Tamiola later became involved in ‘Scale Factor’ after borrowing two books from the library on leaving; ‘Fishers of Men’ by Maxence van der Meersch and ‘Man’s Place in The Universe: A Study of the Results of Scientific Research in Relation to the Unity or Plurality of Worlds’ by Alfred R. Wallace. ‘Scale Factor’ was an exhibition of small works which travelled from Poland to The Guesthouse Cork for September 2014, curated by Tomasz Madajczak, Bartosz Nowak (Poland); Sharon McCarthy and Helen Horgan for the LFTT Library (Cork). The work as shown was a collaboration between Tamiola and The LFTT who interpreted the artists instructions for install from two to three dimensions. Read More