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Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 19.31.04_1080140In September 2017 The LFTT Library was involved in an event at the Gerberei Museum in Enger, Germany. The event was the culmination of a year long collaboration with the Rumpelstilzchen-Literaturprojekt, an experimental poetry project led by artist Michael Hellwig at the Widukind Gymnasium in Enger. Poets Milena Evering, Anna Paszehr, Vanessa Schwarkow and Rabea Jasmin Usling composed poems using books from The LFTT Library. At the museum a number of sound and installation artists (Angelika Höger (DE), Aga Tamiola (PL) and Annemarie Deacy (IRL) and myself) were invited to respond to these works which were presented to the audience in collaboration with the poets in a live setting. This event was part of the literaturland westfalen ‘Hier!‘ festival in the context of the exhibition “Das Word wird Bild” (The Word becomes Image) by Ulrike Schönfelder-Hellwig, Siegfried Baron und Michael Hellwig. Top Picture: Vanessa Schwarkow performing. Picture Above: work by Helen Horgan in collaboration with Rabea Jasmin Usling


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LFTT PAPER CUTTING 01LFTT PAPER CUTTING 02On Tuesday the 7th of June we held a Paper Cutting Worskhop in Brackwede District Library, North-Rhine Westphalia, as part of a series of ongoing interventions in the locality called ‘Cipher’. ‘Cipher’ is a project of Artists Unlimited who invited The LFTT Library to take part. The Paper Cutting workshop was one of four events programmed as part of The LFTT Librarys show at Brackwede. (See post on exhibition)LFTT PAPER CUTTING 03LFTT PAPER CUTTING 04LFTT PAPER CUTTING 05 Read More

11174397_871045722986902_8781300520530307932_oThe LFTT Library collaborated with Polish artist Aga Tamiola and The Emergency Kit for Neuroskeptics at The Schloss Wartin Summer Salon to produce the Language Confusion Clinic; an intimate workshop style ‘clinic’ in the beautiful surrounds of the Castle Wartin estate. Drawing on tools developed at Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld concerning language barriers and mis-translations as productive of intercultural knowledge sharing, and combining this with the neurological interests of Tamiola and the aesthetics of psychiatry – The Language Confusion Clinic employed anti-rational methods to reveal serendipitous associations in thought amongst a group of strangers.

Screenshot 2015-08-09 03.28.25A selection of books from The LFTT Library from differing historical and geographical cultural contexts was made available to the group as a medium of dialogue. This select slice of the archive was paired with the Emergency Kit For Neuroskeptics which added some cross associative poetic flair. Two bells were employed as signals to request a desire to read either from the Library or the Kit. The third bell signalled a wish to personally free associate with the imagery that revealed itself from the texts. During the group session strange tangents rose to the surface of our collective thoughts, enabled by this simple triangular framework.

Screenshot 2015-08-09 03.16.00Within the high academic context of The Schloss Wartin Summer Salon; a project initiated by the Yale University Alumni Club in Germany e.V. and the Collegium Wartinum Foundation,  participants of the Language Confusion Clinic expressed a cathartic pleasure in this anti-dogmatic mode of reasoning and social knowledge sharing. The Emergency Kit for Neuroskeptics is a joint project of Aga Tamiola and Sean Erickson.

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