PATRICIA KLICHP10404415.5.5 Chances‘ was a large scale event led by dancer and movement lecturer Inma Pavon in which five artists, five performers and five composers were invited to respond to Cecil Beatons ‘Chinese Album’. The event occupied the entire building of the Firkin Crane dance studio in Cork for one evening. Following Inma’s  doctoral research in the use of chance methods in devising new dance theatre performances. The result was a curiously cohesive and invigorating performance for both audience and artists. With thanks to the 15 artists involved;  Natashia Bourke, Carolyn Collier, Kelsa Dine, Cassandra Eustace, Leanne Foxwell, Austin Hearne, Mary Keating, Patricia Klich, Brian Lane ,Celina Muldoon, Siobhan Ni Dhuinnin, Olive Hanlon, Claire O’Brien, Dorone Paris, Eimear Reidy, Libby Seward, Maria Sinnecker, Bren Smyth and Sara Wentworth.

Above and top; Celina Muldoon with Tash Bourke and Austin Hearne. Music was by Sara Wentworth. Second from top; video projection by Patricia Klitch. Performance by Siobhain Ni Dhuinnin (not shown) and music by Brian LaneBelow; Leanne Foxwell.  

CELINA MULDOON20160312_212037Above; Performances by Claire O’Brien (left) and Mary Keating (right) with projections by Carolyn Collier (not shown). Below; Inma Pavon and Firkin Crane Director Paul McCarthy.



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