In May 2019 I took part in a two person show with Dorian Temming (NE) at Lokalen: Space for Creative Entrepreneurship, Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands where I presented current research from The LFTT Library Translation Tour. I have taken to the road once more with the LFTT Library, this time throwing off my worldly possessions in an ascetic gesture akin to early St. Francis to live and work nomadically from The LFTT Library van-cum-editing-suite.

I met Dorian Temming in Norway at KH Messen artists residency. When we met things were coming to an end for Temming at Lokalen where she had held a studio for two years. At the same time I was beginning a year of travel around the world in my van, transformed as mobile art studio, to enable me to continue research with The LFTT Library on a shoestring budget. Travel has become the subject of my research with The LFTT Library and a new way of making art on the move. Together we devised the exhibition ‘Beginnings and Endings’ to celebrate the transient nature of artists lives and how our encountering each other at this pivotal moment highlights the resourcefulness of creative thinking in turning every ending into a new beginning.

Dorian Temming is a visual artist who uses drawing and sculpture to research obstacles she encounters through her work. These obstacles can be psychological but also physical ones she runs into in daily life on the streets and in nature. In her current work she is looking at how people cope with the obstacle of nature. The way people act in the natural environment and how nature has to deal with people is of particular interest at the moment.


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