Broadstone Studios Dublin: Editors Meetings

10.BROADSTONEJuly 13 2011. I’m really delighted with all the work we got done this evening and a
really great start to the project. Many thanks to all who attended.
For those that weren’t able to make it we have started to devise
idiosyncratic categories of division for the library such as “gravity
defying” “obnoxiously dogmatic” and “on singing”. We have 25
categories to date and feel free to suggest more, we have app5000
books in all so up to 100 categories would be feasible.

Categories so far; 1. Beautiful Illustrations. 1a. Books with Decorative panels. 2. Dedications. 3. Books with remarkable foreign objects inside them. 4. Door-stoppers. 5. Inheritance Books. (Empty) 6. Happy Books. (Empty) 7. Dogmatically Offensive Books. (one book) 8. The Sublime. 9. Exotic Places. 10. Books We Like The Colours Of. 11. Hideous Books. (Empty) 12. Books about Singing. 13. Anti-gravity Books. 14. Adventure Books. 15. Books On Arguing. 16. Poetry. 17. Literature. 18. Important Men. 19. Art and Architecture. 20. About Translation. 21. Sex. 21a. Catholic Marriage. 22. Smelly Books. (Empty) 23. Ireland. 24. History. 25. The Fransicans. 26. Books With Great Covers. 27. Nature 28. Politics & Economics 29. Saints 30. Rejects 31. Science 32. Boring Religious Books 33. Window Books

July 21st 2011. Another very productive night last night so thanks to those who came along.

We had an interesting debate at the end of the evening on the subject of ‘order’ and where this naturally lays in the world. I think I was alone in thinking that order is something we create rather than find. This led into a discussion around the notion of entropy and whether the natural world is self-regulating or whether it has it’s own inherent battles between kinds for higher and lesser order. The scale that these ideas can be observed at are both miniscule and monumental, potentially impossible to encapsulate into a coherent singular (can I say mono-theological?) system. On the subject of preservation, intervention in order, and archiving, I personally am of the belief that everything has it’s cycle, and the return doesn’t return to infinity. We can have a hand in maintaining the life of the LFTT library collection for a while longer, but sooner rather than later individual aspects of the whole will begin to display their natural weaknesses in the face of the bigger picture, and will need to go on to new lives in new and currently alien environments!

02.LFTTmt2We will be putting on some talks, events, performances etc over the course of September and October and were playing with the idea of having a rotating display in the library room where participants could install individual responses to the library so if anyone has any ideas make sure and let me know or bring it up at the next meeting, which hopefully will be in about 3 weeks time.

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