Drogheda Arts Festival 2012

Pauric McQuinlan of Rapscallion folk and ballad band.

Join us for tea and some soulful banter!  The Legs Foundation for the Translation of Things (LFTT) is a flexible, international art collective formed in 2009. It gathers together art, writing, music and performances inspired by the LFTT Library Collection whose books range from the 15th to the 21st Century. Covering poetry, Irish folklore, philosophy and the mystical, the library is a cosy haven for anyone interested in all aspects of the human spirit. Currently at a secret location, artists Helen Horgan and Vivienne Byrne welcome those interested in visiting this lively time capsule to e-mail them at- thelfttlibrary@gmail.com.


Friday 4th May
6pm: Performance of  “Can You Hear the Birds, St Francis?’ by Vivienne Byrne.
Tea, coffee, browse the library, artwork & chat

Saturday 5th May
4pm: Classical Guitarist  Emmett Fallon
5pm: Rapscallion Folk & Ballad Band
Tea, coffee, browse the library, artwork & chat

Sunday 6th May
4pm: Chill out with poetry reading & excerpts from the lives of the Saints
Tea, coffee, browse the library, artwork & chat


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