03 ROTHENBURG TEXT03 ROTHENBURG TOWN Travelling from Brandenburg in North-East Germany en route to Turin via Bavaria and Switzerland, myself and Aga Tamiola stopped off in the surreal medieval town of Rothenburg ODT where we sited some more guerilla performances with The LFTT Library and Emergency Kit for Neuro-skeptics.

03 ROTHEBURG SITTINGDubbed the most German of German towns, Rothenburg was spared during the allied bombing raid of 1945 by agreement with the U.S Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy who helped negotiate it’s advanced surrender. Local military commander Major Thömmes gave up the town ignoring the order of Adolf Hitler for all towns to fight to the end and thereby saving it from total destruction by artillery. It even has an all year round Christmas museum. Top picture shows pages from the LFTT book ‘Germany’ painted by E.T. Compton & E. Harrison with text by Rev. J.F. Dickie Adam and Charles Black, London (1912).



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